Also on the move in the dry bulk cargo industry?

We know – intelligent and efficient delivery processes are essential for your competitiveness.

We optimise your processes and help you to simplify your workflows, reduce time and effort in your daily work, increase your productivity and increase your capacity for additional turnover.

We offer a cloud based software

an attractive pricing model
for the dry bulk cargo industry

to integrate and implement

Optimisation along the entire value chain

We know the main problems of small and medium-sized companies in the construction and bulk materials industry and want to reduce your dependency on analogue solutions as well as digital platforms.

Orders for the delivery of construction materials such as sand, gravel and crushed stone are often placed or changed at short notice. Nevertheless, punctual delivery is expected in order not to delay the processes on the construction sites.

Flexibility is key.

With our CargoChamp software solution, we reduce your operating costs and empty runs, among other things, truck utilisation is improved and intelligent route planning increases overall efficiency, which in turn leads to a more positive CO2 balance.

Digitalisation not only enables efficiency gains and cost reductions, the evaluation and analysis of the collected data enables forward-looking and intelligent planning. This makes you fit for the future.

Our Product


user-friendly interface
platform independent

integrator of existing systems
automation of processes
digitised information
implements Artificial Intelligence

our team

Christian Kalonji

Founder, CEO

Elvis Zaicenoks

Co-Founder, CTO

Dr. Catherine Marchewitz

Marketing, Corporate Communications

Amy Le

Software Developer, Front End

Mario Beltempo


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About Us

Congstruction is an upcoming startup based in Frankfurt, Germany, passionate about enabling small and medium sized enterprises in the construction and dry bulk cargo industry to achieve the transition to industry 4.0.