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Who is behind Congstruction ?

Congstruction is an emerging startup based in Frankfurt, Germany, that aims to help small and medium-sized companies in the bulk cargo industry make the transition to Industry 4.0. The founders Christian Kalonji and Elvis Zaicenoks are supported by Dr. Catherine Marchewitz. Through our activities in various international companies, start-ups, agencies, corporations and consultancies, we bring many years of experience in the areas of UX/UI and IT development, project management, strategy, marketing, sales and sustainability.

Why do you exist ?

We want to contribute to making German SMEs fit for the future. The building materials and bulk cargo sector is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – the backbone of the German economy. The majority of SMEs in the sector have not yet reached the standards of Industry or Logistics 4.0 with regards to the digital design of their operational internal and inter-company business processes: paper delivery notes and non-transparent manual processes dominate everyday life. The main features of Industry 4.0, such as networking, decentralisation, real-time capability or service orientation, are virtually not mapped. For example, the networking of logistical processes, which is supposed to provide more transparency in the supply chains, is little to non-existent. Cross-company automation and optimisation of material flows and resource utilisation are also virtually non-existent. However, a continuous digital supply chain is the basic prerequisite for the Internet of Things. Sooner or later, companies will rely on Logistics 4.0 and must therefore say goodbye to manual procedures as quickly as possible.

What is CargoChamp ?

Our software solution CargoChamp is the first software designed specifically for bulk logistics. CargoChamp offers a wide range of benefits for small and medium-sized companies, such as more efficient workflows through automation and digitalisation, simple implementation and low investment costs, the reduction of empty runs, miscalculations and incorrect deliveries, as well as fewer back-office activities after working hours and high transparency and reporting for business management.

All processes from order entry, planning and control and processing to invoicing, billing and analysis are handled centrally and digitally.

With CargoChamp, the following logistical key figures, among others, can also be recorded and optimised: delivery reliability, delivery quality, delivery flexibility, delivery capability and service level. The software is cloud-based and modular. With the help of CargoChamp, data can also be collected and analysed across the entire value chain of the customer relationship and examined and analysed for patterns, errors and special features. Various modules can be implemented, depending on the requirements and complexity of your company.

Who is CargoChamp suitable for ?

CargoChamp helps companies pave the way to a more sustainable future. We work and cooperate in particular with those who want to digitalise their work processes, reduce time and effort in their daily work, increase productivity and increase capacity for additional turnover.

With CargoChamp, we help to reduce your operating costs by up to 25%, empty runs are reduced by almost 70%, truck utilisation is improved and smart route planning increases overall efficiency, which also leads to a more positive COâ‚‚ balance.

CargoChamp can be flexibly adapted to your specific requirements. Simply request a demo to find out how Congstruction can support your company.

What distinguishes CargoChamp from other providers ?

In contrast to the solutions available on the market so far, CargoChamp is specifically tailored for small and medium-sized companies in bulk cargo logistics. The modular system, the interface connection, the attractive price model as well as the use of AI and the consideration of sustainability aspects differentiate us from the competition. The software is intuitive and easy to use, does not require installation on the user site and is build with security and hight availability requirements.

Why do you take sustainability aspects into account ?

In view of increasing regulation and also in view of the fact that we all have to make a contribution to climate protection, it is obvious and seems logical to us to integrate sustainability aspects into our software. Everyone who develops products or services today should think about how and what contribution they can make to achieving climate protection goals.

Therefore, we integrate environmentally relevant sustainability aspects such as the recording of greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, energy efficiency and recycling into our software, taking into account current and future regulatory requirements for companies to be able to control, gather evidence and report business activities from this aspect.


How can I purchase the software ?

We offer a cloud-based modular system with an attractive pricing model tailored to the needs of our customers. You can use CargoChamp via a monthly licence model. 

Can I easily integrate CargoChamp into my existing solutions ?

Yes. CargoChamp can be integrated into your existing solutions to ensure a seamless data flow between all systems. The implementation team will support you in determining the best approach.

How quickly can I start working with CargoChamp ?

You are welcome to start with a free test phase of CargoChamp. If you have any questions about your specific use case, special requirements and/or challenges, our team will be happy to assist you. As soon as you have decided to use CargoChamp, we will carry out an onboarding.

During the implementation of CargoChamp, a dedicated account manager acts as your central point of contact to discuss the possibilities of CargoChamp and to accompany you during the implementation process. A personal contact person is also available to you by telephone during use.

The implementation process itself is efficient and agile.

Can I add further modules after the first implementation ?

CargoChamp is a modular and scalable SaaS solution, which means you can easily extend or limit the functionality as needed with seamless integration.

Is CargoChamp available in different languages ?

The software is initially available in German and further languages can be added.


Which data is used ?

CargoChamp can integrate your data via various interfaces, for example for MS Office integration, DATEV, document management software and common telematics providers.

How do you deal with data protection ?

We take data protection very seriously. Congstruction is part of the OVHcloud Startup Program and thus uses the unique infrastructure of OVHcloud. The cloud enables the most innovative solutions for scalable and highly available infrastructures with options for backup and security.

OVH is committed to ensuring the optimal security of its infrastructures – including the implementation of an information systems security policy. In addition, the OVH infrastructures comply with numerous international standards and are certified according to PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 1 TYPE II and SOC 2 TYPE II, among others. 

More about this directly at OVHcloud: DSGVO | Security of infrastructures – OVH  

About Us

Congstruction is an upcoming startup based in Frankfurt, Germany, passionate about enabling small and medium sized enterprises in the construction and dry bulk cargo industry to achieve the transition to industry 4.0.